My Petroleum (Pvt.) Ltd. is an emerging Oil Marketing Company by having experienced Oil & Gas sector entrepreneurs who have over 15 years experience in the downstream petroleum business.

All key members of the company management have considerable prior experience in oil marketing & trading in domestic & international markets. They are extremely confident about making a difference in the country’s petroleum marketing sector based on their knowledge and experience. They aim to translate this into the success of My Petroleum (Pvt.) Ltd., which is engaged in oil marketing, storage, transportation & supply operations. They are assisted by a core team of experienced personnel from the petroleum industry as well as new entrants who are being groomed in various specialties within the company.

What we do

MYP is actively engaged in developing a viable customer base. It is working on a strategy to build a respectable market share in the initial phase & subsequently plans to become a leading company in the market.

The company at present operates an Oil Storage Terminal at Renala Khurd in the Punjab

This is a state-of-the-art oil storage terminal that the company has constructed and commissioned to meet the country’s growing need for petroleum products. The terminal is strategically located for receiving and distributing petroleum products to the surrounding regions where the demand for petroleum products is constantly growing.


MYP has its own branded fleet of vehicles that carry petroleum products.

MYP has its own branded fleet equipped with online tracker system which consist are about 150 Tank lorry of different capacity which are continuously travel from Karachi to other locations within its territory to meet its customers’ petroleum products needs. Timely supply of quality petroleum products is always a priority at MYP. For this purpose, MYP has established Supply Operation Offices in the Punjab region and has also set up Operation Offices in Keamari, Port Qasim, Mahmood Kot, Gatti, Faisalabad, Macchike & Sihala.


MYP has planned to build 150 retail outlets in its 1st phase

MYP has planned to build 150 retail outlets in its 1st phase after getting final confirmation from regulatory authority which is in process and after getting approval MYP will continually increase its retail network within three years and it is expected that it will cross the 300 mark over the next 3 years. The company is planning to expand its retail network to major urban and rural areas in the area it operates to serve all market segments in terms of their fuel needs.


Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG)

Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG): LPG is mainly a mixture of propane and butane (C3H8 & C4H10). These light gases, which mostly separated from stripper and stabilizer columns in different refinery units, are liquefied under pressure. In winter, the mixture contains more propane, whereas in summer, it contains more butane.

Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG):

In response to the market’s demand, the company is capable of supplying three types of LPG including:

primarily propane, primarily butane, mixture of both propane and butane (most common) LPG used as a fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, vehicles, and It is increasingly used as an aerosol propellant and a refrigerant, replacing chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) in an effort to reduce damage to the ozone layer.


Future Challenges


Needs reliable and affordable energy resources to meet its growing demand for oil and gas. The Company remains committed to help meet that demand while delivering sustained value to its shareholders, employees, business partners and the communities where it operates.